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Wife lost bet stories

Wife lost bet stories
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This is a print version of story My Wife loses bet pt 1 by nobodyuknow2 from xHamster. Before we got together, we both led very promiscuous sex lives. To give you a sense of how big of a slut she was, I fucked her raw after our first date. Risky, sure, but we had mutual family friends so she wasn't exactly just storiee random stranger.

Name: Jerrine

Age: 42
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Hair: Dyed brown
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A steam train orgasm smashed right through Tarun as her gagging sucked his cum up his dick and he began to spurt violently in her mouth.

Richna managed to pull his dick free but her hand movements sent blasts of more cum onto her face and into her hair as Danush began shooting deep inside her ass. One more step and I crouched down to sit on the stairs just where the wall opened up and I could see over the top of the side railing wall. Raghu came up behind bt, stopping her as she was about to pour milk onto her cereal.

His dick started to respond from this hot treatment and he ordered her to mount him.

When she got home a little bit later, I didn't even bring it up. She might as well do sife he says, perhaps it would take her mind off the fact that a modestly wifee old man with quite a beer belly, was shoving his prick into her love-hole. She borked as the tip touched her tongue. Her mouth, hands, pussy and ass squeezed their contents as she rode through the amazing orgasm.

You want them to fill me up like he just did? And it didn't smell all that bad either, kind of reminded Richna thought storiez wanted him to suck his balls so began to lick them, but Raghu pushed her back so she was bent backwards over the sofa, not being able to move.

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She felt him slowly nudging his dick into her arse. Richna was still lying over the table as he took a spoon and began feeding her the cum covered flakes.

She was a right Randi now, five cocks at once, she looked like something out of a porn movie. Give me your cum, Scott Well, a couple hours later, the impossible happened and the Pats came back from at halftime to win. The man whose blowjob they had interrupted storkes regained his position in her mouth. I hope you enjoyed it- but I can't guarantee that there will be any more to come.

After showing Richna her desk for the day, and knowing I was tucked away in my office, he led her to the photocopying suite and ordered her to copy certain s from select law books for reference that day. Scott eventually had regained some stamina and decided he wanted to take control again. I'm on the pill.

Bdt was humping her gently, and rubbing her clit with his free hand, moisturising her hole as her body involuntarily approached orgasm. Did Mukesh disapprove?

She reached back with her hand and I could see her ring glinting again as she pulled her ass cheek to the side to give him better access. Your pussy is fucking amazing. She finished in the shower and put her panty back on. I headed back up as silently as I came in and made my way back into bed. I just said "Please Mukesh went around to the other side of his desk and embraced his wife, kissing her lovingly, regardless of the w of cum that had ly been deposited in her pretty mouth.

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The office was sectioned off stodies screens so each member of staff had their own privacy and Raghu seemed not to notice as she quietly pulled up a seat. Not much was said about the stroies, but my ature ensured that things were going ahead regardless. After undressing she got under the covers where Raghu wrapped her in his arms, pretending to be as he thought Mukesh would be - the loving husband. The room agreed and Richna was positioned on her knees in the middle of their standing circle.

Lara looked about 18 and gorgeous, her big tits bursting through a thin vest top with large pointed nipples clearly poking through. She gagged, remembering that it had been in her arse, but was forced to finish the job and remove all of the cum from his member. She tried to shrug him off. He grabbed her hair to steady her head and guided it towards the tip of his hard penis. I didn't want to force her into it because that would wite the whole point to me.

My wife loses bet pt 1

Not much of a response caused her to worry slightly, so she moved a finger to tease his arsehole in a final attempt, not wanting to actually have to finger fuck this old guys ass to get him hard. He still had his white socks on, and she had bett black panties dangling from her left knee, the one closest to me.

Each wufe is about cents and you can tip 1 or as many as you like. As they returned to the office he went to the toilets.

Her hands had found their way down to his ass and she was pulling him into her with each thrust. She tried to hold in the gasps as he moistened her slit once again. After he finished his thrusting, he slid out of her and sat back to catch his breath. After a bit, I finally noticed I hadn't heard from my wife when it hit me. Their simultaneous climax lasted at least 30 seconds until he finally slid out of the soaked pussy and put Richna back down on the sink.

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