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Why do i love weed



My friend Sara loves weed. Her mind suddenly makes astounding connections and she reaches an almost post-human level of chill. Another friend of mine describes being high as feeling like you've morphed "into one of those plastic bobble head dogs with huge grins.

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The one I downloaded, High There, only showed me users in Chicago for some reason, but there are old-school matchmaking services, too. Smoking a bowl can boost your energy.

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So the easiest way to ascertain if consuming the sticky stuff helps boost sexual gratification is through personal analysis. I'll leave a room and worry that the vibe won't be the same when I come back. We want to make sure they are aware and bright-eyed, but we do provide suggestions if you want to bring cannabis along. Instead of an lovve doing the pairing, it's a human. However, she also advises me to maybe just accept that you can't always have what you want—weed might just never be for me.

However, unlike drinking, smoking weed doesn't result in a deathly hangover. Weed serves as a great icebreaker since it reduces social anxiety, encourages you to open up and makes you more accepting of others. What is it, exactly, that's keeping me from being a happy stoner?

15 reasons why smoking weed is actually really f*cking good for you

He seemed to think I was kidding, but when Marcus eventually comes to his senses, there are dating apps specifically for people who smoke. Not just my friends, but many of my personal heroes—Rihanna, the Broad City girls, Sarah Silverman—happen to be proud stoners. Cannabis keeps you calm, cool ewed collected. Unfortunately for Marcus, he lives in one of those dl states in the middle of the country where weed is still prohibited.

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Plus, let's be real: There's lovve better way to spend a night in with your friends than hotboxing your basement, ordering pizza and watching all of your favorite TV shows. Every pothead knows rolling the perfect t or blunt is basically a form of art.

She tells me she won't be able to give me a clear-cut answer since using drugs is a subjective experience and effects differ from person to person. Place holds online, then schedule a time to pick up at select locations by mobile app or phone. Support local, independent media with a one-time or recurring donation. Marijuana can also eliminate nightmares.

This may be why I was largely single until my 30s.

Falling in love with a stoner

Research carried out on rats has shown that a fear that's stimulated by THC increases when the rats are in a new or potentially stressful environment. We can thank the fact that we possess an endocannabinoid system ECS for the scientific reasoning behind why smoking cannabis makes people wed. This type of thinking is often crucial to creativity, so grab some ganja, and get those creative juices flowing.

In my case anyway. Alongside THC, weed contains many different substances, including CBD—which counters the drug's psychoactive effects and is known to have a range of medicinal qualities. Mason thinks my personality is to blame. Marcus not his real name has been married wyh 14 years to a woman who hates that he smokes weed, so he does it in secret. I'm not sad because I think getting high is cool, but I just really feel like I'm missing out on some euphoric experience.

That's right.

The trickiness of being in a mixed couple.

We always smoke the same llove, with the same THC percentage, in the same familiar environment. And of course, this is another situation where we come up short in respect to finding data that supports the scientific whj as to why that may be verifiable. Sparking up is a great social activity. But, he adds, it's probably gotten him a few dates, too. Therefore, it's probably a good idea to stock up on bagel bites and Dino nuggets before you spark up. A budtender might not be compatible with a weetotaler, but for people willing to compromise, it may be a nonissue.

But then I'd try to convince them that if smoking a little weed now and then was okay, smoking a lot of weed all the time was even better. A night of drinking beers with your BFFs will leave you feeling pretty shitty the next morning. But not everyone has been as blessed by the Tinder gods as I have. Ripping the bong can lobe be good for your lungs.

Everyone knows weed helps you unwind. Her mind suddenly makes astounding connections and she reaches an almost post-human level of chill.

And that association has truly flowered into what I would consider to be quite an enjoyable love affair. So abundant, in fact, that my list of grounds for loving maryjane could easily fill this entire website.

5 reasons why i love weed

The Stranger depends on your continuing support to provide articles like this one. And I'm not just talking about weed's ability to make you feel more creative or the fact that it helps you chill out, either. I need answers, so decide to contact a few experts to shed some light on my shortcomings. Vo photos by David Meulenbeld First, I speak to Natasha Mason, a neuropsychologist at wny University of Maastricht and an expert on how THC—the psychoactive element in cannabis, which makes you feel high—affects the chemicals in your brain.

Everyone respects someone who can roll a blunt that's lit AF. Lighting up can lower your risk of diabetes. There's nothing better than getting stoned and stuffing your face with an endless array of snacks.

They also help plan dates.

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