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When you ask your girl what she wants to eat



Share on Twitter Guys it's been done. The code has been cracked!

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But why?!


We actually have no idea what we want to eat. It just might possibly be one of the most frustrating loops to be caught in as whenn man in a relationship with an otherwise perfectly sane lady.

You can never, ever go wrong with suggesting sushi as a meal. More often than not, we don't even know what it is we do want to eat.

The only way we can hope to exhibit some form of self-control is if there are no available options to distract us. Now go fourth my fellow man and prosper! Simply say, "Guess where I'm taking you to eat! Share on Twitter Guys it's been done.

Lord knows, if you don't tell the waitress not to bring the bread basket over before the meal, there is no going back once we get our hands on that fat baked roll. Besides, we women are pretty damn indecisive.

We don't want you to see how little self-control we actually have. Well, the answer is that we can, but we don't want to appear as high-maintenance.

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Why can't we females make a decision? It doesn't matter if it's 11 in the morning; a girl will eat her spicy tuna roll with a gigantic smile on her face. Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr. Don't you want to hang out with us more?

You might think you're making things easier by asking her to choose, but in reality, you are just throwing yourself into a whirlwind of confusion and utter frustration. We are always asl score, so if we give you this minor victory, we know we can ask for something major in the future. We don't want to seem too picky.

We want to pretend we care about your feelings, too. The answer is so simple and it was there all along.

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This video accurately sums up what it is like to take part in one of these conversation and is crucial to view before proceeding with the remainder of this article. Honestly, there are a ton of items we would love to feast on, but we just won't: cheeseburgers, milkshakes, buffalo wings. Don't worry; it's only 11 seconds long. Don't we look so easy going this way?

No longer will we ask the lovely women in our lives where they want to eat, only to be strung along with, I don't know's, immediately followed by "No I don't like that place" even though she wanted adk eat there just last week. You name it, in an ideal world, we'd eat it. Whatever, NoShame. Instead of tossing out a few possible suggestions, we revert to this default line and wehn for you to finally offer up something worth ruining our diet over. Unfortunately, the calories do count, and thus, we sit with our sad sal.

What is your name?

By Ashley Fern Aug. If we don't opt for a healthy option, there is a percent chance we will be devouring whatever is on your plate, our plate and probably the plate of the people dining next to us.

We don't want you to know about our weird food tendencies. As you can see, it isn't that simple.

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When in doubt We cut our food into minuscule pieces; we chew it 30 times before swallowing it, and we make modifications to a dish so that it is completely unrecognizable by the time it emerges from the kitchen. Doesn't it make us look yohr little whej if we let you pick the restaurant instead of nagging you about our fake dietary restrictions? The quickest way to a girl's heart is through her stomach, and what does she want in her stomach at all times?

The code has been cracked!

And no mayonnaise, please! The one thing we eah know is what we don't want, but only after you've thrown your suggestions out there.

When you ask your girl what she wants to eat and she actually decides. elmo nuclear explosion

Judge us all you want, but in reality, you should be thanking us -- especially if your goal is to get our clothes off at the end of the day. Instead, we tell you, "I don't care. The next time you and your girl go out for a random quick bite to eat, don't ask her where she would like to eat. The answer to your prayers fellas.

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