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Cant get over her

Cant get over her
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Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash I struggle with this big time. Maybe you do too. It hurts.

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From a place of honesty.

Why can't i get over her or him?

So you run to your calendar, double check your math. Not what it could or did do for you. The bottom line is that you need to work through your feelings. Acknowledge your feelings without judging them.

If someone took advantage of your kindness in this relationship, don't let it stop you from being kind in the future. You want to hang on to old memories and preserve what is lost. Say that there's a rare case where your ex checks all of the boxes; you can still go about catn happiness and know that a new relationship could check all of the boxes, too.

You feel like you're never going to get over there, and those thoughts and feelings are valid. But then that tomorrow comes and…nothing is different.

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Someone will come along who makes you feel the things they made you felt, or better. Shutterstock The first step in getting over someone is to not hold back your feelings — allow yourself to mourn the relationship, be sad, be angry. The healing process will take time, but it'll be worth it. It was not knowing how to stop loving someone who didn't love me back anymore.

I'm having a lot of trouble getting over someone, and I've tried new age processes like cord cutting to no avail. This was hard.

If these things keep reminding you of her, then that isn't healthy. It could change your life to start thinking that way Just because you have thoughts and feelings that you want your ex to suffer doesn't make you a bad person, it means that you're upset about the relationship coming to an end. Maybe, the best is yet to come.

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Is it because it's the only thing on your mind, or is it because you genuinely think telling this person will help you? Remind yourself of why you shouldn't be together. Don't talk about your breakup just to talk about it. After almost three months, 71 percent of people were able to view their relationship in a positive light.

What to do when you can’t get over someone

Let oger heal for a while and then take the time to hang out with new girls. Letting yourself feel what you're feeling is important, but wallowing and doing nothing with your oger time isn't exactly going to help you — what will, however, is finding some activity that you enjoy and that you can focus on while you heal. This will prevent you from moving forward in life, and you won't be able to find anyone new.

But don't worry, time will heal all wounds and the pain will fade with each day Did you find this post helpful? You deserve love and affection.

If you're in a similar situation right now, here are some things you can do to get over a relationship your heart isn't quite ready to let go of yet. You just have to take one day at a time. After you're over someone, then it's possible to look back on the good times with a sense of appreciation while recognizing that the relationship wasn't meant to be. It's hard to move on because you're not in your comfort zone. Embrace your pain and burn it as a fuel for your journey.

How to get over someone you're still in love with, because it's honestly so hard

It's not easy. When you look at something in a helpful way, you can reframe the loss of the relationship.

And now all of that is gone. And that's a good thing.

You might need to get rid of some things in your ove or apartment to help yourself to move on. If you're having a difficult time, then you should know that you aren't alone. I suggest do anything necessary to help you keep your mind off of him.

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You don't know how to cope. Did you find this post helpful?

You still have feelings for this person. Spending time doing entertaining things is a great way to get your smile back.

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Start exercising regularly and work on getting down to your ideal weight. You may unsubscribe at any time. What didn't work out? Even if she doesn't, you need to do what is best for yourself. Maybe you do too. However, everyone deserves the chance to be happy.

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