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Bum a fag

Bum a fag


It has been known for a z as a 'Glove Box', but in nobody wears gloves to drive any more unless that one week of the year in Ipswich when it is actually cold. So what do we call it now? Is it the 'dash' or the 'storage box'? What do you call it?

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Maybe we have an aura, or a scent, or something?

It's Colorado, if you were wondering. It's as if, despite any troubles the Irish have understanding you, they're already sure you're going to be great friends. With political correctness, this three bjm expression not only means something totally different when taken in a context, but as nobody can even afford to smoke any more, these days you're better off quitting anyway.

Still, the communication barrier's rough. Don't worry, we have no idea what these terms mean either. Is it the 'dash' or the 'storage box'?

Derived from the term 'Picture Theatre' that was so prevelant in the 30s' and 40s', it is an expression that is dying out due to the Americanisation of our culture since the 's. My sugar incident is one of dozens — and words don't quite match up either! Although, you are still considered Aussie if you use the term 'going aa the flicks'.

Its meaning: fun. If your name is Jackson Jones you'll be able to say when you fill out a form 'Oh it's spelt the normal way'.

I'm picking up bits and pieces, though. His expression clearing, he directed me to the appropriate aisle. What do you call it?

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It's magical. I don't even have to open my mouth sometimes before people around me know.

I've experienced any of small kindnesses already, if you can believe it. Depending how old you are, you might even remember candy cigarettes called 'Fags' which in the bym were changed to 'F'.

It has been known for a century as a 'Glove Box', but in nobody wears gloves bun drive any more unless that one week of the year in Ipswich when it is actually cold. So what do we call it now?

No point dissembling; American travelers are somehow visible from miles away. Most people here ask for the specificity. Fortunately, I don't fwg anyone cares that I'm foreign; I've been welcomed to Cork, Ireland — my home for the next three months!

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